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"Neither Mars nor Gliese 581g nor any other exoplanet could become... Planet B"


Category: Poetry

A) "The vanishing white hats of the mountains"

Key words: mountain glaciers.  

B) "Dying of starvation by the thousands

Key words: Arctic, reindeers. 

C) "The filigree of the seas"

Key words: coral reefs,  ocean temperature.  

D) "Global warming is spreading their dominions"

Key words: mosquito-borne diseases, animals on the move. 

E) "Plastic: the Hecatoncheire of the oceans"

Key words: plastic, oceans. 

F) "It´s not summer, it´s inferno"

Key words: heat waves, heat stroke. 

G) "Devastating wildfires or the return of Phaethon" 

Key words: wildfires, forests, urban sprawl, forest policies, forests´pests

H) "The legend of the nomads of the sky"

Key words: bird migration.