Gliese Foundation
Gliese Foundation
Climate change, global warming, and the environment

Our mission:

  • To raise awareness about the impact of climate change based on the most recent scientific findings.

Our goals:

  • To share in lay words the most recent findings on climate change published by scientific journals.

  • To point out the innumerable interconnections caused by climate change.

  • To promote the understanding and discussion about climate change issues.

  • To find out innovative ways to highlight the relevance of climate change (e.g., poetry, painting, photography).


President: Pablo Rodas-Martini

Vice President: Katarzyna Kardas



In the coming weeks we will be sharing poems written by our President, Pablo Rodas-Martini.  

He tries to present in poetic words the dramatic impacts of climate change.

For his poetry he uses the most recent scientific discoveries. 





"Do not waste your times arguing with climate change deniers. It is like discussing about the big bang or dinosaurs with creationists. Do it only if they are politicians. In that case, fight them with tooth and nail."